Co-op Jobs Available

Admissions Chairperson
Designated as a Board Member and is therefore required to attend monthly board meetings. Coordinates new families for admission selection and lottery; conducts school tours/interviews with visitors in conjunction with the lead teacher; organizes the Schoolhouse Openhouse/Lottery in February and conducts admissions lottery with President. Handles all registration matters including admissions packets for new families, contracts, medical forms, etc. Works with lead teacher in determining number and gender of children enrolled, along with daily attendance balance and consideration of any exceptions. Admissions will inform teachers and Treasurer of new students admitted to the Schoolhouse. Sets up families’ mailboxes in the classroom and updates as needed with any roster/job change. Conducts interviews and evaluates scholarship applications with Treasurer. Sets up folders for each child with names, and other administrative tasks for the General Meeting. Maintain supply of marketing folders handouts for pre-admission tours.

Summer Camp Coordinator

Coordinates all aspects of CSH summer program. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to Summer Camp Registration process, distributing and collecting beginning of the year paper work (Medical Forms, Membership Contract, Emergency Contact Form), prospective teacher recruitment, teacher selection (with Board approval), teacher supervision, establishment of weekly themes (with teachers), publicity, weekly attendance, purchasing of snacks and supplies, coordination with teachers and subs in event of teacher absence. Maintains summer staff attendance and reviews job performance. Attends first day of each weekly session and attends additional days as necessary. The Summer Camp Coordinator will use payment report compared to attendance roster so each payment is received. *Please note- Summer camp jobs start on August 15 of the co-op year and end on August14 of the following year. If a family that is assigned the Summer Camp Coordinator position is exiting at the end of the co-op year, their co-op job will still continue until August 14.

Building and Grounds Chairperson
Responsible for all issues pertaining to the structures and major equipment on Schoolhouse property, as well as all “external” issues (those items related to landscaping). Develops cleaning and lawn maintenance schedules for year round coverage. Conducts or delegates to team members monthly safety checks, including attention to fire codes and fire drill routines, and maintenance of fire extinguishers and smoke alarms. Organizes assignments for Schoolhouse workdays involving all families. In addition to maintaining the grounds and general cleaning and maintenance of the Schoolhouse, the B&G Team also may be assigned larger projects such as,but not limited to, playground beautification, light renovation and building projects. These projects will be assigned in cooperation with the lead teacher and will be coordinated by the B&G Chairperson. The B&G Chair does not participate in routine cleaning and maintenance except on an emergency basis.

Building and Grounds Team Member
This job starts June 1st and requires at least 8 hours per month. Responsible for cleaning and maintenance of the building and its contents per the schedule established by the Building and Grounds Chairperson. Responsible for general lawn and playground maintenance (mowing,weeding, trimming, etc) per schedule established by the Building and Grounds Chairperson. Will also be assigned larger projects such as, but not limited to, playground beautification, light renovation and building projects. These projects will be assigned in cooperation with the lead teacher and will be coordinated by the B&G Chairperson. Skills such as carpentry, landscaping, painting and electrical are desirable.

Parent/Teacher Rep
Designated as Board Member and therefore required to attend monthly board meetings. Responsible for addressing parent concerns and communicating those concerns to the teachers and (when necessary) the Board with the goal of maintaining open communication and achieving resolutions that are beneficial to all involved. Chairs classroom support meetings with teachers and Enrichment Chair as needed. Responsible for proposing teacher contracts for Board review; monitoring staff attendance; maintaining substitute list for the teachers; and teacher evaluations with President. Conducts annual parent survey in January. Works closely with Parent Volunteer Coordinator to train and monitor Parent Volunteers. Also is responsible for potential parent education speakers throughout the year. Coordinates and supports all efforts of Classroom Committee. Is required to assist in the classroom 8 times per year. Also, acts as teacher and/or parent advocate depending on position, in all Board matters. Works with the teachers to put classroom events on the school calendar and communicate the events via the newsletter and/or special handouts.

Parent Volunteer Coordinator
Organizes schedule for set and rotating Parent Volunteers. Coordinates with teachers and Classroom Committee Chairs, as well as the teaching staff in the orientation/training workshop(s) in August and during the year as needed. Monitors PV effectiveness and attention to daily duties by assisting 10 times in the classroom during the school year. Solicits names of general members who can substitute in the classroom in the event of a Parent Volunteer conflict and is responsible for contacting subs with the goal of having at least two Parent Volunteers in the classroom each day. Must be available to sub on an emergency basis. Maintains monthly white Board PV schedule at Schoolhouse.

Parent Volunteer
Assists in the classroom one day a week from August thru May, during the hours of 8:45 am – 12:15 pm, without non-enrolled siblings. PV’s enjoy the opportunity to become an integral part of the schoolhouse day by completing such duties as helping the children during circle time, preparing snack, assisting during task, free choice, and playground time, as well as daily cleaning of the kitchen and bathrooms as outlined in the Parent Volunteer Handbook. Attends all orientation workshops in August and as needed throughout the year. Duration of the commitment is for the entire academic year. One team member may be designated as a rotating PV who does not have a set day assignment to allow the other PV’s an occasional week off.

Snack/Party Coordinator

Schedules parents to provide healthy snacks on a weekly basis. This is done in the summer and given to the Classroom Support Chair for inclusion on the school calendar. Monitors and purchases snack supplies (plates, cups, napkins, etc.) Maintains kitchen weekly by washing towels, and keeping kitchen neat and organized. Works with teachers to plan and execute all aspects of any special events, including: Thanksgiving Feast, Father’s Day Breakfast, Spring Art Show, Mother’s Day/May Day, Field Day/Graduation and End-of-Year Picnic. Assists in classroom as PV 9 times per year.

Designated as a Board Member and is therefore required to attend monthly board meetings. Coordinates all business pertaining to the Schoolhouse. Schedules and conducts monthly and additional meetings. Attends monthly meetings with the teachers and Classroom Liaison and Classroom Committee Chair as needed, and assists the Classroom Support Chair in teacher evaluations. The President shall act as a liaison, along with the Treasurer, between the Schoolhouse and financial institutions. The President acts as a liaison between the Board of Trustees and the CSH Board. Schedules and conducts biannual meetings with the Board of Trustees and parent members of the Board of Trustees. Conducts annual admissions lottery with the Admissions Chair. Serves as a member on the Community Committee. An individual may serve as president more than once, provided the terms are nonconsecutive.

Community Liaison/Enrichment Program Coordinator
Designated as a Board Member and is therefore required to attend monthly board meetings. Spearheads efforts to show support of the community at large by guiding CSH participation in charitable activities, in addition to Christmas in Davidson. Reports on community events of interest to CSH families via the newsletter. If financially feasible, to assist Admissions Chair in recruitment of minority and economically disadvantaged families for possible enrollment at the Schoolhouse in support of CSH commitment to this area. Supports Enrichment Chair in coordinating in-school enrichment events, specifically with regard to special guests from the community. Assumes jobs related to assistant if not filled or coordinates volunteer. Note: The Community Liaison supports the focus of CSH to help the disadvantaged in our communities, but also ways in which we (not only parents, but our children as well) can enrich the community in general.

Coordinates with teachers both in-school enrichment programs and out-of-school field trips for entire student body, fieldtrips for “seniors” and Transitional Kindergarten trips as requested. Schedules and attends programs and field trips and arranges transportation. Supports Community Liaison in coordinating in-school enrichment events, specifically with regard to special guests from the community. Distributes information and collects permission slips in monthly folders or at least two weeks in advance. Responsible for planning trips within the allotted budget and collecting fees for parents/siblings as required. Reports planned activities to parents via the newsletter. Provides safety and emergency information for travel. Should be available as needed for monthly planning meeting with classroom support and teachers. As requested by teachers, assists with the solicitation and scheduling of parents for in-school projects, visits, and events, with an effort to tap into the hidden talents/interests of the parents as a means of enriching and supporting the curriculum, and to involve each family in the classroom as least once during the year.

Public Relations Coordinator
Promotes the Schoolhouse and all of its events to the community. Collaborates with teams – particularly Admissions, Fundraising, Community Liaison and Summer Camp – to write and distribute news releases to the media; to create and distribute fliers; and to arrange other advertising as needed. May be required to meet with Fundraising during the summer Carnival planning process prior to the start of school. Fosters a relationship with the local media and periodically submits article ideas with an eye toward increasing awareness of the Schoolhouse, its mission, philosophy and focus on community service learning. Also provides administrative support and assistance to the Admissions Chair and Summer Camp coordinator as needed. Responsibilities include but are not limited to designing and maintaining handouts for pre-admission tours for the morning program and TK. Maintains a clipping file, list of media and advertising contacts, and annual record of all public relations materials produced by the Schoolhouse, and fosters alumni relations with events such as Alumni Days(s).

Social Director

Attend to children’s birthdays, shepherd new families to morning program, coordinate provision of meals or other assistance to families with births, deaths, health issues, etc. Coordinate monthly events including, but not limited to: parent socials, book groups, holiday treat exchange, parent workshops in conjunction with Classroom Support Chair, and playground dates. Participates in new family orientation with Admissions, President and Teachers. Also work on the end of year photo compilation with the teachers. Coordinate Ice Cream Social in July and compile photo roster for distribution at General Meeting.

Fundraising Committee Chair
Designated as a Board Member and is therefore required to attend monthly Board Meetings. The Fundraising Committee Chair shall be responsible for leading the fundraising team in activities designed to meet the fundraising goal set forth in the approved annual budget. Designated as a Board member and therefore required to attend monthly board meetings. The primary fundraisers are the Annual Schoolhouse Carnival and the spring Golf Tournament. The Coordinator will oversee all facets of the Carnival and Golf Tournament and will work with the entire Fundraising Team to decide who will be responsible for specific Carnival and Golf Tournament jobs (described under Team Members). Additional fundraisers shall be developed as necessary and equitably assigned by the Coordinator.

Designated as a Board Member and is therefore required to attend monthly board meetings. Maintains all financial records. Responsible for all Schoolhouse disbursements, deposits, and banking affairs. Ensures that all bills are paid timely and income due is received. Responsible for preparation of financial reports for Board review, and coordinate with the payroll service for payroll services and related taxes. Works with the President to prepare annual budget. Works with the /Admissions Chair to evaluate scholarship applications. Works in tandem with the Fundraising Team by supporting Schoolhouse Carnival and other fundraisers throughout the year. Works with Summer Camp coordinator on all financial / employment issues related to camp. Responsible for managing all financial affairs.

Asisstant Treasurer
Assists Treasurer as needed; collecting and depositing checks, entering information in Quickbooks, assists with budget creation and management.  A “backup” who understands the financials of the school in case the Treasurer is unable to complete their duties and someone who may be willing to step in to the Treasurer role in future years as a Schoohouse family.

Fundraising Team Members
Assists and coordinates fundraising activities within the Schoolhouse. This includes Carnival  and Golf Tournament jobs as determined by the entire team (see descriptions below); and may also include managing other fundraisers as assigned by the Fundraising Coordinator.  Carnival and Golf Tournament Jobs: In addition to obtaining donations from local businesses, each member of the Fundraising Team will be responsible for the planning and execution of one or more responsibility. Examples include but are not limited to: Corporate Sponsors – Responsible for soliciting the majority of the Corporate Sponsors; Logistics – schedules deliveries, coordinates equipment, clean-up, Carnival layout; Entertainment – organizes entertainment; Games & Volunteers – coordinates Schoolhouse families and community volunteers, organizes all games and prizes; Baked Goods/ Wrap Night – Organizes and works at the bake goods tent, coordinates wrap night; Concessions – coordinates and schedules all aspects of the concession tent, researches and schedules food and drink vendors; Silent Auction – organizes donated items and produces the catalog and bid sheets for auction.

Designated as a Board Member and is therefore required to attend monthly board meetings. Responsible for communication with parents as Editor of the CSH monthly newsletter. Takes minutes of the Board and general meetings and prepares these for distribution to Board and Board of Trustees and posts minutes for CSH parents within a week of the meeting. Supports general clerical needs of the Coop. Maintains and updates the Parent/Policy Handbook. Assists the President as needed. Acts as CSH Historian by maintaining an annual archive of Schoolhouse Information. Updates the monthly calendar distributing it to the Coop families by the 1st of the month. Creates and maintains the CSH phone tree, updates the website monthly, and coordinates any rental of Schoolhouse facilities, and maintains alumni records.