Our Journey

The Children’s Schoolhouse was an essential component in our parenting journey. We’d heard great things about the school prior to us becoming parents, and once our oldest daughter was ready for pre-school we were very excited to become part of the Children’s Schoolhouse community. We thought we were admitting her to help her grow during her preschool years, but what we didn’t count on was what the CSH philosophy gave to us as parents. The creative learning, positive parenting, and conflict resolution skills that we gained at the schoolhouse opened our eyes as parents to what our children truly needed during this crucial time of their development. Our oldest attended for three years, and was joined later by her younger sister, making us a schoolhouse family for five years. It was a very special time for our family, and the Children’s Schoolhouse will always hold a cherished place in all of our hearts.

Something Magical

I was here for two years in the past with my son, who is entering his kindergarten year and my daughter is a rising 3 year old this coming school year. I am so excited to be back at The Children’s Schoolhouse and have truly missed it. There is really something magic about this school and it starts with the teachers but also the family involvement. I cannot say enough about both teachers, Miss Deb and Miss Tara. My son still talks about them. They encourage children to explore, play, have disagreements, make-up, create things, destroy things, love the arts, and especially story and music time. The children realize that school is for fun and learning about their interests. The children develop the skills to work with others even those they have nothing in common with. Each child is unique and is treated accordingly. The teachers have a wonderful way of finding your child’s best learning style and adapting their approach to fit them specifically. It truly is all about the children at the Schoolhouse. I would not choose anywhere else for my daughter to attend. My son’s kindergarten teacher often comments on his mature social skills, this stems from acceptance, tolerance, compassion, self-control and love of learning he discovered at The Schoolhouse.

A World of Wonder

My three year old son attends the Schoolhouse. The teachers are phenomenal – loving, bright, capable…they immerse the students in a world of wonder indoors and out. The other day, my son called my attention to bees hovering around a flower bush, exclaiming, “Look, they’re pollinating!” That observation says so much to me about the skills he’s acquiring in such a natural way. I also believe the Schoolhouse community is influential in my son’s growth. Due to moves, we’ve been at a couple of preschools before this, and I’ve volunteered in some capacity at each of them. My previous experience has been that a small percentage of families do the majority of the work.  I don’t feel like the cooperative component of the Schoolhouse demands any more of my time than what I have given at the other schools, but I do feel like the spirit is different because each and every family is contributing.