My husband and I were looking for a unique preschool setting for our then 5-year-old son. Once we visited the Schoolhouse, we knew it was the environment where he was allowed to grow, learn, and flourish. Since then, our 2 other sons have also attended the Schoolhouse. The school and its community are such an important and special part of our family’s story. Those little boys are now 16, 9, and 5 years old and recall all the things they did, friends they made, and the “flying” they did at the Schoolhouse. 2021 is our last year in preschool. Our baby will go to Kindergarten in the fall and we will forever be thankful for the schoolhouse, the preschool board members I was fortunate to serve with, the co-op families and friends, the teachers, and the very special experience my children all had. They will forever be “Schoolhouse kids.”
Joanna C.