The Schoolhouse employs a multi-age approach in the classroom. Children age three attend three days/week, children age four attend four days/week, and children age five attend 5 days/week. All students attend from 9am to 1pm and pack a lunch.

Families interested in attending The Children’s Schoolhouse are encouraged to schedule a tour of the school.

Registration / Lottery
Children enrolled in The Children’s Schoolhouse must be three years old by August 31st and be fully potty trained. Children age three shall be allotted three days per week, children age four shall be allotted four days per week, and children age five shall be allotted 5 days per week. Additional days per week may be added for a child once primary days are set and enrollment numbers permit it.

Priority Registration
Priority registration for the 2022-2023 preschool year is January 21, 2022 thru January 28, 2022.

Open enrollment for the 2022-2023 preschool year is January 29, 2022 thru February 25, 2022.

The following groups are given priority in the registration process, a lottery will be held if the Schoolhouse receives more applications than openings.
1. All children currently enrolled in the Schoolhouse
2. Siblings of currently enrolled schoolhouse children
3. Alumni children previously enrolled in the Schoolhouse and Siblings of previously enrolled children

All families wishing to take advantage of their priority status must submit their registration application before the lottery. A priority family cannot bump a new student from enrollment if they communicate their intention concerning registration after the lottery.

Print the Preschool Application for Enrollment for 2022-2023 here

Additional Admissions Information
There is a $100 non-refundable application fee for a child that has never attended the Schoolhouse and a $75 non-refundable fee for returning students that is due with the application. This fee will be refunded to families not admitted during the lottery process. Tuition deposit equal to 1 month of your child’s preschool tuition is due in March.

Lottery System
A lottery will be held if the Schoolhouse receives more applications than openings. Once the sequence for priority registration has been completed, new families to The Children’s Schoolhouse will fill the remaining places through a lottery system. All families who have submitted a registration application by the day of the lottery will be included in the lottery. Families are encouraged to attend a tour prior to submitting a registration application. Families with more than one child entering the lottery will have more than one name entered but both children will be admitted if the name should be drawn. The waiting list will be kept until the next admission period to fill vacancies and to handle the waiting list priority.

The Children’s Schoolhouse believes that positive interaction among children of various backgrounds during pre-school years are important. The Children’s Schoolhouse has always endorsed and sought to enroll a student mix of gender, age and ethnic origin. In an attempt to achieve this mix, the Board has implemented a policy of seeking at least 10% culturally diverse and special economic needs students within the total enrollment. For The Children’s Schoolhouse to maintain an environment in which the student/teacher ration is compliant with the Schoolhouse philosophy, a 8:1 student/adult ratio or better will be upheld with the maximum number of children per day not to exceed twenty-eight. If through the Lottery or waiting list procedure, a situation arises (i.e. multiple children from one family) which causes admissions to exceed 28/day, the Admissions Committee will consult the Board. Final decision concerning the classroom size will be determined by the Board. The Board has also advised that a 50:50 ratio be achieved between boys and girls and between three and four-year-olds. Therefore, age, gender, ethnic origin and economic background may be determining factors in the child’s placement at The Children’s Schoolhouse in order to achieve this mix.

Lottery participants offered admission will receive registration forms with their notification that must be returned to the Admissions Chairperson by the specified date. If a family chosen from the Lottery declines, every effort will be made to replace the child with a child of the same gender and age. If a child is admitted later than through the waiting list, the family will be contacted first by telephone and then sent a registration form. These forms should be returned within two weeks to the Admissions Chairperson. If an opening occurs after June 1st, the Admissions Chair is given the authority by the Board of Directors to fill the available slots in the best interest of the cooperative (i.e. by whether the parent can take the offered volunteer opportunity). If a family declines enrollment because of the specific volunteer opportunities, they may choose to move to the end of the waiting list.

Non-Discrimination Policy
It is the policy of The Children’s Schoolhouse not to discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, age, sex, disability, sexual orientation, or national and ethnic origin in its educational programs, admissions policies, employment, and general policies.


Food and Eating Protocols

  • CSH will not do shared snacks for the 2020-2021 calendar year, and parents must provide their children with a snack in addition to lunch.
  • We have ample outside seating to facilitate safe mealtimes. We will limit picnic tables to 6 students. 
  • Students are not allowed to share food.

Field Trips

  • Extra precautions will be taken in planning and implementing all field trips.
  • We will only do outdoor field trips for 2020-2021. 
  • We will ensure that the facility is taking safety precautions, such as keeping school groups apart, sanitizing between groups, etc.

Community Events

CSH has a strong community component as a part of our school philosophy. We continue to get creative with outdoor gatherings and events to foster relationships.