Our family sent two children to the Schoolhouse over the four years and they came back cooler and dirtier. We washed them, but they are still cool.

The Schoolhouse is a community rooted in kindness, connection to nature, and a healthy respect for play. Its unique educational philosophy instilled in our children a strong sense of and self, filled with wonder and curiosity. They were nurtured and yet given the freedom to take risks and gain confidence both socially and physically. Our children left the Schoolhouse with a developed love for creative expression, the outdoors and (perhaps most importantly) community. And the community extends to the families as well: the co-op model is a worthwhile investment and gives the opportunity for a shared purpose and connection with the other families. It created a loving and enriching environment for us and our children. For us, that meant the joy of having our child attend a school where everyone is involved, invested, and engaged. After our oldest child attended a couple other play-based schools in the area, we can say without hesitation that there is no better place for a child to develop in a healthy joyful way than The Children’s Schoolhouse.
– Jessica C.