My three year old son attends the Schoolhouse. The teachers are phenomenal – loving, bright, capable…they immerse the students in a world of wonder indoors and out. The other day, my son called my attention to bees hovering around a flower bush, exclaiming, “Look, they’re pollinating!” That observation says so much to me about the skills he’s acquiring in such a natural way.

I also believe the Schoolhouse community is influential in my son’s growth. Due to moves, we’ve been at a couple of preschools before this, and I’ve volunteered in some capacity at each of them. My previous experience has been that a small percentage of families do the majority of the work.  I don’t feel like the cooperative component of the Schoolhouse demands any more of my time than what I have given at the other schools, but I do feel like the spirit is different because each and every family is contributing.
-Whitney F.