Now Accepting Applications for 2020-2021 Preschool Year!

We are working together to provide a safe and fun school year ahead.

Our Journey

The Children’s Schoolhouse was an essential component in our parenting journey. We’d heard great things about the school prior to us becoming parents, and once our oldest daughter was ready for pre-school we were very excited to become part of the Children’s Schoolhouse community. We thought we were admitting her...Read More

Something Magical

I was here for two years in the past with my son, who is entering his kindergarten year and my daughter is a rising 3 year old this coming school year. I am so excited to be back at The Children’s Schoolhouse and have truly missed it. There is really...Read More

A World of Wonder

My three year old son attends the Schoolhouse. The teachers are phenomenal – loving, bright, capable…they immerse the students in a world of wonder indoors and out. The other day, my son called my attention to bees hovering around a flower bush, exclaiming, “Look, they’re pollinating!” That observation says so much...Read More

Thank You to the following local businesses

for their generous donations to The Children’s Schoolhouse:

Soil Supply Inc


Lee’s Firewood 

 New South Lawn and Landscapes, Inc. 


Brawley’s Garden Center